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Eternal Guest

“Everyone loves me, but no one wants me on his turf,” says Gallego, who is not Jewish. “And the Jews say, ‘You’re here – welcome,’” he says. Is it possible for a person who has experienced pain and humiliation, who has undergone severe and cruel ordeals, to find a place on earth that will finally bring him peace and tranquility?

The Eternal Guest is Ruben’s third book. After 13 years of silence, the author decides to write about the most important things: family, home, and how difficult it is to find your place in this world.


Ruben David Gonzalez Gallego is a Russian writer, grandson of the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain and a graduate of a Soviet orphanage for disabled children. His documentary confession novel “White on Black“ (Russian Booker Prize for 2003), translated into dozens of languages, created a sensation among the reading public, the circles of which diverge so far. Having stopped fifteen years silence, in its new, third on account of the novel, the author is trying to solve the problem: is it possible for a person who has known pain and humiliation, has undergone grave and cruel trials to find a place on earth that will finally bring him peace.

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